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Healthtech – Reward

Healtech – Reward

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The international health insurance expert comparator AOC Insurance Broker helps people who are expatriates as well as companies to get the best health insurance among a multitude of underwriters and thousands of insurances.

The comparator is a performant application that offers a comparison of all insurances according to the expatriates needs.

Thanks to our comparator people can understand the differences between insurances and between insurers, and with the AOC Insurance Broker Experts support they receive an independent recommendation in order to optimize the budget dedicated to health insurance.

The AOC Insurance Broker Expert Team always recommend insurance with the best ratio price/medical benefits/service.

The AOC Insurance Broker comparator is innovating further with its mobile application providing e-health solutions helping expatriates to better manage health and medical conditions during their expatriation.

Thanks to its revolutionary application AOC Insurance Broker places the health of its clients as a priority by providing digital solutions for factors such as nutrition, sports, chronic conditions, telemedicine, online second medical advice, and also provides a loyalty and reward program "The Family" and a membership card.

Close to the concern of its clients, AOC Insurance Broker wants to prevent and treat the main health risks that are also the most expensive (cardiovascular disease, cancer, respiratory diseases, gastrointestinal, muscular and back problems and stress).

AOC Insurance Broker has selected international partners known and recognized in e-health as well as medical professionals in order to meet the new expectations of our expatriates in connection with the world of today and tomorrow.

At AOC Insurance Broker, we are committed to taking your health and responsibility into account.

AOC Insurance Broker : International Health Insurance comparisons

"The Health plan you want, the premium you want, the help you need"