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High-quality life and income protection insurance plans for expatriates all over the world

An important measure when protecting people's physical and financial health. Suited for individuals, families and company employees abroad. 

AOC Insurance Broker offers you the best and the most competitive life insurance on the market for expats managed by William-Russel and insured by Allianz

Life insurance - it will never compensate your loved one's grief and loss, but it will at least help them feel financially secure.


  1. Available for individuals, families or group expatriates
  2. Worldwide cover excluding active war zones
  3. Insure up to 20 times your gross annual salary to a maximum of $1,500,000 (€1 200 000)
  4. Cover renewable every year until the age of 65
  5. The benefit paid as a cash lump sum on death resulting from illness or accident 
  6. Available to employed and self-employed expats 
  7. Optional accidental death and dismemberment benefit
  8. Cover ceases upon death or on reaching age 65

Income protection insurance - vital protection for incapacitated people unable to work due to sickness or accident.


  1. Available for individuals, families and or group expatriates
  2. Worldwide cover excluding active war zones
  3. Insure up to 75% of your gross annual earnings to a maximum of $144,000 (€144 000)
  4. 2% compound interest added to benefit payments for every 12 months that you claim
  5. Waiver of premium whilst you claim
  6. The benefit paid for up to 24 months whilst you are unable to return to your own occupation
  7. Benefit continues after 24 months if you are totally unable to return to any occupation
  8. Rehabilitation benefit
  9. Choice of deferment period (90 to 180 days)
  10. Cover ceases upon death or on reaching the age of 65

Subscription requirements

Please return the completed form to us along with the following documents:

  • An original, fully completed, signed and dated application form to AOC Insurance Broker – 60 Rue de Strasbourg – 92400 - Courbevoie - FRANCE
  • A certified true copy of your passport (with signature)
  • An original, recent utility bill, credit card or bank statement (less than 4 months)
  • Application form, HIV test, Medical examination, Additional blood tests, Cardiology report & EC

IMPORTANT TO KNOW: For individuals expat under 50-year-old, we can now apply for up to USD 750 000 without standard medical reports being required, and up to USD 2 50 000 for those over 50.


Download the below links :

pdfBenefit Life Insurance & Income Protection
pdfGeneral Conditions Life Insurance & Income Protection
pdfApplication form



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