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Expatriate Health Insurance


Compare International Health Insurance, Specialized for Expatriates

Guide client's search for health coverage. Recommend the best solution. Satisfy expat health needs throughout the globe.

If you are joining to AOC family, you will have access to;

  • The worldwide team of specialist 100 % dédicated to expatriates.
  • Our professional and high-quality services include international health insurance comparisons for expatriates annual & single trip insurance, working holiday insurance, global life & income protection insurance, expat health insurance in France (with or without a top-up French social security), Asia expat health insurance, Obamacare health insurance USA etc.  All these services are easily accessible online, on our AOC Insurance Broker website.
  • Once you get a quote for a travel insurance package, you can use your credit card as a paying method for your international health and travel insurance, Visa Schengen insurance, Working Holiday insurance, International student health insurance.
  • We also provide expert counseling service, European International Health insurance with fully medical underwriting and or with a moratorium scheme, expat health insurance Asia with a dedicated range of service for expatriates (Thailand - Indonesia - Cambodia - Laos - Vietnam – Myanmar), Asia (China - Singapore - Taiwan - Hong-Kong - South Korea – Japan - India) - Africa (Morocco - Tunisia – Algeria –Tunisia) - Europe (France – Belgium – Germany - Netherland - Spain - Italy - Switzerland etc).
  • A broad selection of 30 worldwide insurance partners and sustainable solutions products with stable institutions in the world.
  • 24-hour access to multilingual helpline: our members can select a medical provider of their choice, emergency medical assistance, claims form processed with 5 working days, direct billing settlement network, second medical opinion and online services.
  • 24-hour assistance and advice from a professional and independent team, regardless of your location!

IMPORTANT TO KNOW: No additional cost for clients subscribed with premiums and exclusive policies, negotiated by AOC Insurance Broker!

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AOC Insurance Broker: Get Better, Get Healthier!

AOC Insurance Broker

The Health plan you want, the premium you want, the help you need

  • Student

    Etudiants - PVT - WHV

    Pour votre séjour à l’étranger, dans le monde entier, le Pack Jeunes Expats AOC Working Holiday Etudiant est un package complet qui couvre les soins médicaux, l’hospitalisation, l’assistance médicale.

  • Expatriés


    Avec le Comparateur AOC Insurance Broker en Assurance Santé Internationale & Voyageurs, Comparez, Challenger et Bénéficiez de Conseils juste et transparent par un team professionnels d'expatriés.

  • Wealth Management

    Globe Trotter & Expats

    Vous partez vivre à l'étranger au delà de 3 mois et plus et jusqu'à un an et vous recherchez une formule "tout en un" économique, AOC Globe Expatrié, l'assurance des Globe Trotter et expatriés temporaires est faites pour vous

  • Travellers


    Pour vos voyages toutes destinations Monde entier et Worldescapade offre une couverture médicale et assistance rapatriement au 1er €/$ pour les hospitalisations et les frais médicaux engagés dans limitation de montant.

AOC Insurance Broker : International Health Insurance comparisons

"The Health plan you want, the premium you want, the help you need"