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Working Holiday Visa (WHV) et assurance PVT aussi pour Etudiant







Working Holiday Visa / PVT insurance by the comparator AOC Insurance Broker

You are leaving as part of the Working Holiday Program (PVT) or Working Holiday Visa (WHV) in one of the following countries: Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Argentina, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Chile, Hong -Kong, Singapore?
You are going on a paid internship abroad, in international volunteering, as part of the  International Experience Canada (IEC) program , as a Young Professional or Co-op-internship  in Canada, in the USA, in the UK In Thailand, India or anywhere else in the world?
Do you go on a study trip to a university or foreign language organization
You want to improve a foreign language by working as a Au Pair  abroad?

The AOC Working Holiday & Student pack was created to cover you during your stays abroad for stays of up to 1 year  ( 2 years for the PVT Canada ). You can renew it once for the duration of your choice, directly from this platform.



After subscribing online, you will receive your Mutuaide Assistance - GROUPAMA insurance certificate directly by email. The brochure and the general conditions are also downloadable directly at the bottom of the page.
Guarantees of AOC Working Holiday & Student insurance and premiums. 



100% coverage of actual costs in hospitalization and for outpatient medical services (Physicians, specialists, medical auxiliaries (nurses, physiotherapists, etc.), radiology, scanners, MRIs, analyzes, medications)  * Coverage limited to 500 000 € for the following countries :  USA, Canada, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, South Korea). * Coverage limited to € 200,000 for other countries. * Coverage in the country of origin up to 20 000 €. * Dental covered emergency up to 200 €
Assistance and services 
* Assistance evacuation 100% repatriation
* 24/7 medical assistance
* Practical information travel destinations
* Visit of a relative in case of hospitalization: support of a round-trip air ticket and hotel expenses up to 100 € / night (up to 10 nights)
* Continuation of the guaranteed stay with support of an air ticket
* Payment of a return air ticket in case of hospitalization or death of a loved one
* Repatriation of the body taken care of 100% in case of death (including coffin shipping costs)
* Cash
advance up to € 800 in case of loss of identity papers and means of payment * Defense assistance with up to € 30,000 in criminal bail up to € 8,000
* Search and rescue costs up to € 5,000

Luggage insurance
*Jusqu'à 2 000 € par personne durant toute la durée du séjour
*Jusqu'à 1 000 € pour les objets précieux (téléphone, ordinateur portable, matériel sportif)
*Franchise de 25 € par dossier

Responsabilité civile vie privée à l’étranger 
*Dommages corporels jusqu'à 4 500 000€
*Dommages matériels et immatériels jusqu'à 450 000 €
*Franchise par dossier de 150 €
L’assurance AOC Working Holiday & Etudiant est une exclusivité AOC Insurance Broker couverte par Mutuaide Assistance. Envoyez simplement vos demandes de remboursement par email ou via l'application smartphone du centre de gestion GAPI, spécialisé dans la gestion des expatriés.
Pour plus d’information, téléchargez les conditions générales en bas de page.
Prices and conditions are strictly the same as those offered by our partner Assur Travel.

AOC WHV & Student insurance covers you  at your place of work (Woofing, picking, etc.), as part of the practice of extreme sports (non professional practice) and during your stays abroad (out of the country). in which you perform your WHV / PVT). 

Download brochure and general conditions AOC Brochure Working Holiday Student
General Conditions AOC Comparison Working Holiday Visa Insurance

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