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April My Travel Cover

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You need to travel abroad and want to leave with complete peace of mind with full insurance and Covid 19 coverage

Our solution, simple and efficient with a first-in-class French insurer with pandemic coverage

More and more countries require Covid 19 coverage with a certificate of insurance such as Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore etc.

If you are going to stay in Thailand, Cambodia for example less than one year you are supposed to apply to travel insurance (tourist visa)

Only one travel medical insurance company accept to cover Covid 19 and provide compliant certificate in Thailand : April International – My Travel Covers.

My April Travel Cover Health, an a la carte international travel health insurance with flexible coverage COMFORT & EMERGENCY  
April International is a French provider insured by Gan Insurance with offices in France, USA, Mexico, Hong-Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, China including direct billing services

+ Worldwide International Travel Medical Insurance in Euro
+ Medical assistance for hospitalization and repatriation and full personal liability coverage.
+ Medical network around the world with several third party administrator and PPO Aetna & CVS in United States
+ Cash advance in case of hospitalization with GOP (Guarantee of payment to hospital)
+ Reimbursements in 48 hours via the Easy Claim mobile app that allows you to send your invoices quickly and free of charge up to 2,000 €/US$ per invoice.
+ Online customer area and advisors available via chat and Messenger.

In order to receive the Covid coverage certificate :
-You need to select COMFORT plan including outpatient treatment

Please look at the below Brochure, page 4 and 5 for medical benefits details and choose your package.

To apply to the Travel Health Insurance with our French partner with a branches in Thailand Bangkok and a Third Party Administrator for expatriates, please complete the attached application form + Health questionnaire and send it to us by email with passport copy.


Zone1: Worldwide including United States
Zone 2: Canada, China, Hong-Kong, Mexico, Monaco, United Kindgom, Russia, Singapore and Switzerland
Zone 3 : Rest of the world



You will be covered:
› in the zone where your primary country of destination is located and in the lower level zones
› in your country of nationality during temporary stays of less than 90 consecutive days,
› in case of accident or medical emergency on submission of the claims form, for 30 days accumulated over
the entire period outside the zone of cover (USA, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Mexico, Monaco, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland)
› excluded countries .


For more information, download the pdf documents below:


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